aesthetics on the go: an oxymoron?

I've adopted a flagrant blogging style here, publishing first drafts that are edited later, which must be conspicuous, like yesterday when I was hazardously and unsuccessfully attempting Woolfian extended syntax. Despite that, however, I suddenly found in the short interim that I have become fond of this blogging outlet, and out of fondness came a wish to improve. I changed the blog layout and labels, and plan to be more careful with the Publish button. I will now swiftly draw a parallel between the bid to prettify a blog written on the fly and the beautifying techniques that the conscientious runner soon finds necessary during training blocks. What happens to the toes?! as one is merely breezing past the scenery, picking one's feet up just a little faster...
Hopefully, that parallel highlighted a dilemma: the earnest pursuit can, at moments, mangle one's mien, until just enough practice is gained to maintain it again.
When it comes to maintaining those material toes from the analogy, the solution is pictured below. This paragraph will be about socks, but squeamish readers should probably skip it. As a side note: I'd like to include a few reviews from time to time on this blog, since I relied on blog reviews of the two running products I've had to order. What I want to write about the Women's Run Lightweight No-Show injinji socks first is that they seem even to offset toebox problems. I have lost no further toenails this training block since wearing them and my toes - not just nails, inclusive of a blister - are healing faster, probably because the socks are protective enough as to mitigate the repeated stresses that had been causing continuous injury. Finally, the socks can accommodate a slight Morton's toe, and are not too fiddly to put on. Would that injinji reps read this little blog and send some more socks to this running educator!
If all it takes is a sock to lead to such great improvement, one can really marvel in retrospect at the extent of unnecessary difficulty one tolerated, through ignorance, for so long. But, as I joke with my students, there's something to be said about "becoming an initiate" in knowledge: there might not be any strange rituals, but there are trials on the way. By knowledge, I am referring to the classical "good life", and the Aristotelian idea that we can increase our chances at good luck in life if we consciously try to pursue the betterment of our self-contained microcosm, including feet. I think I get to speak from the high horse freely here, since this paragraph began with talk of a sock.
I think I illustrated the answer to the question in the title of the post - but if not, back to the drawing board yet again, or do I mean back to the Edit button? Dun dun dun dun...

Brush: misprinted type.


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