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Salomon Sense Marin

These are now my favourite shoes, though they don't shed mud, which means moving down hills parallel-ski style. In other words: no running on long, steep muddy declines. On the plus side, the shoes are not slippy enough to escape from under the mud-traversing body shod in them, which has happened to me with other shoes. While they were not made for mud, but for Marin County, which is far, far away from where I run in them, they work for me (so does their lower-end cost).
The Sense Marins are just universal enough to allow me to do whatever I want or need: traverse long stretches of concrete jungle to reach non-technical trail; run all over those trails in all kinds of conditions; manage not to skid-fall on mud.
They are roomy enough for a wide foot and cushiony enough without removing tactile contact with varying terrain.
I do not know if it is because of the shoe or because the benefits of minimal strength work accumulated, but the first month after wearing the shoes, my stride c…

departures, returns

How is it that we speak of "straying" from ourselves? What can you do to return to to yourself if you have strayed; how might you know if you have; how long does it take to return - and is there a point of no return?
I would love to get answers to these questions from as many people as possible.
Of course, it's possible to think about these things on a more global scale, too - like in the book The Mushroom at the End of the World, an anthropological meditation on the now capitalist implications of the pursuit of the matsutake mushroom (a book I learned only of via a review of its French translation).
It seems like we expect that we are able to fathom the consequences of our pursuits and wanderings, given our "rational minds" - even though even a single jog through the country park may begin out of several reasons, give rise to several more, so have several possibly conflicting consequences to keep track of. A mushroom, the matsutake, that was once used in a sym…