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I don't know why she swallowed a fly

Actually, I do. It's when the little bugs and flies suddenly leap to life on an early spring day and probably inebriated with joy at being out again can suddenly fly directly into an uphill-induced, momentarily open mouth. Then down the gullet out of sheer velocity.
Anyway, after imbibing said drunken fly, I had that "There was an old lady" song stuck in my head for the next 20k, which flew by as I couldn't help chuckling at the impossible song; I am sure I looked really sane powered by a goofy grin as I flew down the hill. Or maybe the fly gave me wings.
So I am going to file this post under "nutrition".

What spring looks like. Besides the flies.


All of a sudden, when it was 15C at the Antarctic, -15C temperatures arrived in my neck of the woods for a period of subsequent days, requiring me to run in different shoes. I am not sure if the Marins are good on ice, but I did not want to experiment since I only had time for longer runs. I had bought the X-Missions during summer for about 50USD, and am so glad I did. As a non-talented runner, I can say that they really, truly don't slip on snow or ice (of course, discounting black ice - which I tested). They handled ice and snow equally well on the roads and on the trails. I also used them in Hong Kong, over the ubiquitous countryside-paved stretches, and rocks and boulders, and did not banana-peel-slip off any of them; to the contrary, I felt like I was a skilled runner, with great balance (these things are not true).
I would not say that they are comfortable, but they are definitely wearable: while feeling cheap on the foot and definitely constrictive for a wider foot, and car…